Guided tour, educational programmes

20,00 EUR /group

You are welcome to reserve museum’s educational programmes. Please do it in time at least couple of days before.
Phone +371 63621309 or +371 29590093.


Hire of salute cannon

Contract price (per shot) 29,35 EUR

Fee of cannon transportation outside Ventspils:
up to 50 km from Ventspils 73,04 EUR
51 – 100 km from Ventspils 109,59 EUR
101 – 200 km from Ventspils 219,01 EUR
201 km and more in territory of Latvia 296,35 EUR

Hire of premises (per hour)

Patio + 1st and 2nd floor gallery, the room of hearth 88,27 EUR
Museum education centre 37,05 EUR
Castle outward courtyar 37,05 EUR

Further information about the hire of inventory – in the secretariat.

Ventspils Museum offers educational programmes for pupils

My museum – my castle, I

What are museums? What we are doing in museum? Why we need museums? What is museum object? Introduction with Ventspils museum, museum staff and different professions in the museums.

My museum – my castle, II

Tour in the past of Livonian Order Castle. Life history of Black Piglet. Introduction in museums collections and objects. Game Museum Objects.

Doll House

Introduction in the history of dolls. Tour to the Dolls Exhibition.

Paper dolls of Ventspils

Story about the paper dolls of middle 20 century and author – Mirdza Tālberga. Making dresses for Ventspils’ paper dolls.

Creative workshop Let’s make doll!

Practical skills and consultations how to make dolls.

Creative workshop Theatre of Paper Dolls

Paper dolls theatre as a popular entertainment in 18th century Europe – how to make doll.

Creative workshop Greetings from Ventspils

Making postcards: different types and techniques.

Ventspils Museum offering an opportunity to attend museum’s educational programmes for adults

The Tuesdays of History (see announcements and schedule for each half year)