April 13 April Wedding Affairs. Top tips by best men and matrons of honor alfresco (CLO) 21 April - Easter. Show of rabbits, the prettiest eggs, swings and other good things (SOAM)   May 18 May - 19 May Museum Day& Night (CLO, HC, HDM) 24 May- Evening Stroll Around the City (HC) June 8 June –III Musica Festum Medieval music festival, Knights Tournament (CLO) 29 June – Ventiņu day (HC) July 13 – 14 July - Sea Festival at Ventspils Museum (CLO, HC, HDM, SOAM) Exhibition On the Road travel costumes and accessories from Alexandre Vassiliev foundation Costume Collection, Ventspils Museum and Rybinsk Museum August 3 – 4 August - Ventspils City Festival at Ventspils Museum (CLO, HC, HDM) October 6 October - H. Dorbes award The teachers of Humanities (HDM)                                    26 October - Night of Legends. Live music (CLO) December 7 December – Saint Nicholas' Day. Elfs workshops, gingerbread and apples baked in the hearth of the castle (CLO) 14 December –Christmas wonders workshops (HC) 25 December - Narrow Gauge Railway Festival. The steam locomotive decorated with festive lights will take everyone for a ride (SOAM)   __________________________________________________ The Castle of the Livonian Order (CLO), 17 Jāņa Street, tel.: +37163622031 The House of Crafts (HC), 3 Skolas Street, tel.: +37163620174 Seaside Open-Air Museum (SOAM) and Narrow Gauge Railway, 2 Riņķa Street, tel.:+37163624467
  1. Dorbe Memorial Museum (HDM), 1 Ērgļu Street, tel.: +37163625004